Fractal Art: Beauty and Mathematics



To commemorate an event as relevant as the ICM and as a tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot, a Fractal Art exhibition is prepared at the Centro Cultural Conde Duque and at the Congress site. It will exhibit high quality works by the most important fractal artists in the world.


The exhibition is formed by a collection of computer generated images by a group of artists and/or scientists specialized in fractal art. The mathematical expressions and the parameters used confer a unique and distinctive colour and aesthetics to every image. Much like painters and sculptors transmit their personality and sensibility to their works by means of their technique,

the authors of this exhibition express themselves by means of formulae and algorithms, modifying them progressively until the desired goal is obtained; reaching the frontiers between Art and Mathematics. The synthetic computer generation of every picture may look cold and mechanical, but behind every picture there are hundreds of  hours of work in the formulae, algorithms and parameters generating the picture. These artists use computer and fractals (and mathematics, in general) like a painter uses canvas and paintbrushes: creating a piece of art allowing us to capture sensibility and emotions; just like any artwork.


The works will be selected through the International Contest of Fractal Art ICM2006 Benoit Mandelbrot; whose honorary president will be Benoit Mandelbrot himself.
Associated activities.
Lecture by Benoit Mandelbrot:
The nature of roughness in mathematics, science, and art
Saturday, 26, 19:00-20:00
Auditorium A

After the talk of Benoit Mandelbrot, a homage concert to Francisco Guerrero will take place.
It is organized by the Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales. Works by Francisco Guerrero (piano and electronics) will be play by Jean Pierre Dupuy.
Saturday, 26, 21:00
Auditorium B
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Centro Cultural Conde Duque
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